Dog Walking

Finding a Nearby Dog Walker Has Never Been So Easy

Your dog needs daily exercise, but fitting a couple of thirty-minute walks into your daily schedule isn’t always easy. For the times when life is a little too chaotic to head home on your lunch break or walk around the neighborhood between work and dinner, we can help. We’ll make sure your dog gets to take their daily stroll so they can bark at all the local squirrels, smell all of the bushes, and, yes, even visit all the hydrants. We’ll even take photos along the way so you never miss a moment.

Whether your pup has lots of energy and needs a long, leisurely stroll or needs a quick walk around the neighborhood for a bathroom break, we’ve got you covered. Our team of Fetch! Pet Care local dog walkers are here to ensure your pup gets the attention they need during their daily strolls. What’s more, all of our dog walkers are insured and bonded so you can rest easy knowing your pup is in good hands.

How Fetch! Dog Walking Works


We match you with an experienced, local dog walker based on your needs and schedule.


You meet with the dog walker virtually or in-person (your choice) to decide if they are right for you.


Relax as you receive photo and video updates of your dog enjoying a fun-filled walk.

The "Classic" Dog Walk

Starting at $25The dog walk that has been the standard for years. A little sniffing, a little walking. Our professional, experienced dog walkers will come to your home, leash up your furry friend and take them on a private walk in your neighborhood using our GPS mapping app that includes notes, pictures, and updates with every service! 30 minutes for $25. Please call or email us for a quote for longer walk times.

The "Distance" Dog Walk

Starting at $25Our focus is on exercise to provide the longest walk possible in the time scheduled! Choose from 30, 45, or 60 minutes. 30 minutes for $25. Please call or email us for a quote for longer walk times.

The "Sniffy" Dog Walk

Starting at $25When it’s all about taking the time to Sniff the roses, the hydrants, or the bushes, this walk helps activate and keep your dog’s brain focused and mentally fit. The sense of smell is a dog’s primary sense, and our “Sniffy” Walk will be the highlight of their day! Choose from 30, 45 or 60 minutes. 30 minutes for $25. Please call or email us for a quote for longer walk times.

Fetch! Your Private Trail Hikes

Starting at $50Let Fetch! treat your dog to a one-hour hiking adventure at a pre-approved trail in your area. Your dog will have fun exercising, sniffing and enjoying new sights, sounds and smells. Dogs will be securely transported to and from the hike, and will stay on leashes for safety. We guarantee they will come home healthier, happier, and dog-tired! Add $10 for extra dog.

The Stay, Play & Go Fetch! Combo

Starting at $34Our stand-alone “Go Fetch!” service where we can help expel your pup’s extra energy by throwing the ball or interacting with different tools such as tug toys or frisbees in your backyard or enclosed area in your complex. This will help ensure they are extra tired for your afternoon Zoom call! 40-minute minimum or you may choose our 60 minute option. Please call or email us for a quote for longer walk times.

Private Dog Park Excursions

Starting at $34If your dog has more energy than a fast-paced walk can expend, we can take them to the nearest off-leash dog park. Our private dog-park excursions are all about safety and the dog handler will only take multiple dogs if they are from the same household. This helps ensure your pups are getting the handler’s full attention for the entire service. Have a Chuck-it and a tennis ball? Great! We will be happy to play Fetch!. If they prefer to play with other dogs we will monitor play and behavior to ensure your pup stays safe while having a blast! Must book either 45 min or 60 minute visit. *Certain restrictions apply. Please call or email us for a quote for longer walk times.

Senior Care - Potty breaks

Starting at $21Potty breaks are great for senior dogs who can’t hold it as long as they used to. These are a 20-minute visit to give your pup the relief they need with a quick walk or yard time – tailored to what works best for your fur fam. You can also book these visits to have us administer medication to any of your pets.

Your Pet is Safe With Us

Throughly Vetted Sitters:

  • Pass a mandatory background check
  • Go through an in-depth interview process
  • Provide all necessary personal information
  • Insured and Bonded

Safety Is a Priority

All of our Fetch! sitters go through a safety certification program that follows recommendations for their specific region. We always follow the safety guidelines to help maintain positive experiences with pets and their parents.

Your Trusted Walker Every Time

We partner you with the same professional dog walker every time so you know your dog is getting care from someone you know, trust, and like. Our local dog walkers tailor daily walks to your pup’s individual needs, so they get the most out of each stroll. We capture photos and video during the walk to provide real-time updates throughout the day. That way, you get to enjoy seeing your pup’s adventures every time they step out the door.

We Take the Security of Your Home Seriously

We know that after the health, safety, and happiness of your pet, the security of your home is a big priority. Here is how we ensure your home’s security while you’re away:

Controlled Access

The only people who have access to your key or access code are your location’s main office and your pet sitter.

Key Monitoring

We track all key movements, meaning if your sitter needs a key they are required to put a request in our My Fetch! app.

Timed Availability

If your home has an access code, it will only be available to your pet sitter during scheduled service hours.